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‘I Self-Induced My Abortion And I Wouldn’t Have Had It Any Other Way’

She did know, however, “that I could reach out to specific individuals about this if I ever needed the help. It was not the most pleasant experience, of course, but it was definitely something that I preferred and I probably wouldn’t have had it any other way.” “We are devastated to see that the US, previously a global leader in women’s health and rights, might soon strip away the reproductive rights of tens of millions of American women. Abortion is essential healthcare and if this decision st

'Like Cristiano And Georgina, I Know The Indescribable Pain Of Losing One Twin'

“Say their name, if you know it. If you say the name of their baby, you’re not reminding the parent that they’ve died - they’ll never forget that. You’re actually helping them remember that they lived, or that they were born, and that they existed, even for a while.” Pauline Woods MBE, founder of Born Too Soon, who also lost two sons of her own, Jack and Tom, says: “If you don’t know what to say to someone [whose baby has died], say, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say to you’ or ‘how can I he

Why Do People Keep Telling Nicola Peltz To 'Smile'?

Nicola Peltz was the belle of the ball at her to Brooklyn Beckham this weekend, with fans full losing it over her hair, makeup and jaw-dropping dress. But in a darker corner of the internet, some of the comments thrown her way have been less than flattering. In particular, Nicola's ‘smile’ has been a topic of discussion for the model on social media for quite some time now, with some apparently taking offence to the fact that the 27-year-old ‘​​doesn't really smile for pictures’. “Wonder why

What Is #PamelaAndersonHair On TikTok? How To Do The 'Pammy Updo'

If you haven’t seen Pam & Tommy on Disney+, you must be living under a rock. Never mind the excitement in the re-telling of this electric and somewhat toxic love story between Lily James’ Pamela Anderson and Sebastian Stan’s Tommy Lee, it’s the show’s hairstyles that are giving us life. So much so, that #PamelaAndersonHair has garnered over 336 million views on TikTok, and counting. So if you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon, here are all the tools you need to nail the ‘Pammy Updo’ for yours

I Tried A Viral Sex Trend From TikTok & My Orgasms Have Never Been Better

TikTok might not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sex, but maybe it should be. During one of my endless scrolling sessions on the app, I came across a raunchy trend launched by a woman who goes by @love.ria.nurse: On Jan. 2, she shared a video claiming that for people with vulvas, pushing down on their lower stomachs during sex can “stimulate the G-spot from the outside”. It became a viral hit, with 1.2 million likes (and counting). Now, I know exactly what you're thinking,

What Does Pressing Down On A Woman’s Stomach During Sex Do? TikTok Trend Explained

What is the TikTok trend “pressing down on a woman’s lower stomach during sex”? Can pressing down on a woman’s stomach during sex really stimulate the G-spot? I’m sure that video has left you wondering whether pressing on a woman’s stomach during sex can really stimulate the G-spot. So, Tyla have enlisted the help of experts like Clinical Sexologist, Ness Cooper, and Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare doctor, Dr. Deborah Lee from Dr Fox Pharmacy, to weigh in on the subject. “We have to rememb

My best sex ever was with my ex's best friend

It was my on-again, off-again boyfriend who originally introduced me to his best friend Robbie* at the start of our relationship. From the beginning, there was no denying that Robbie was good looking, blessed with a trifecta of tattoos, green eyes and muscles. Four years later, during which time Robbie and I had become friends, my boyfriend moved across the country and broke the news that he wanted to keep things “casual'' between us. No longer with my ex watching over us, my relationship with

'Nightmare birth left me with postnatal depression, but Dr Alex helped me talk'

Five months ago, I was prescribed antidepressants. Those same five months ago, I gave birth to my son, Arlo. I’d been suffering from anxiety and obsessive thoughts for a long time, but the traumatic birth and post-birth of my son was what made me realise that I needed help. On June 10 2021, I was induced at 39 weeks and five days due to having high blood pressure. An allergic reaction to the medicine that was supposed to induce my labour meant that I was contracting as if I was ready to push,

'Adele's weight has no bearing on her success so please stop obsessing over it'

As a journalist and an all-round fan of Adele’s music, I was ecstatic when the singer made a return to the music industry after her six-year hiatus. But one thing that struck me when she finally resurfaced was the repeated debate surrounding her weight loss. Last May, the star’s name trended on Twitter after she posted a birthday image to Instagram, sending the internet wild over her “physical transformation”. Flash forward one year, where Adele racked up 24 million streams for her latest sing

I couldn't face going back to midwifery after losing my baby

Maybe it’s my mother’s instinct, but I just had such a gut feeling from our first scan that my baby wouldn’t survive. The feelings were so strong that I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy. I ended up entirely disassociating myself from it – it was the only way I could manage. My fears came true when Holly, my second child, was diagnosed with a complete heart block at 20 weeks gestation. This is a condition where the heart muscles don’t work properly together and the electrical signals the heart relie

Isolating With My Friend With Benefits Should Have Been Fun. Covid Had Other Plans

But even the most seasoned and independent nomophobes among us crave the comforting physical touch and presence of another human being at times – and so earlier this month, with the impeding doom of another national lockdown, we jumped at the chance to be together one last time. After a month of being alone, I was desperate to get my hands on him. One evening when we were messaging back and forth, I decided to take the plunge and send him a risky “come over?” text message. No later than 24 hour

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